Paint Small Paint Often - How to get better faster

acrylic primed polyflax Acylic Primed cotton Oil Primed Linen wet panel carrier

Most pro's will tell you, if you want to get better faster the key is to paint small and paint often.  Painting small encourages you to develop all aspects of the painting process:  Design, palette choice, drawing, values.  It eliminates the days or weeks that we sometimes spend trying to fill in large spaces with color. Here at Travelite Art we provide products that help you get better faster.  Our new wet panel carrier is specifically designed to help you paint faster and lighter.   Carry it in your purse or backpack and be prepared for your next outing.  Our 6 x 8 line of panels and carriers make it possible to finish a painting from inspiration to storage in less than 20 minutes.  Try one of our carrier/panel packages so you will have "a canvas for every moment."

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