Flap vs Slot- Battle of the wet panel carriers

The achiles heel of wet panel carriers is movement.  Most plein air painters are familiar with the slotted wet panel carriers.  The assumption is that the edges of the panel will be smeared in the carrier but it is okay since the frame will cover up the edges.  While that is not a big deal on large paintings it is a deal breaker on small paintings.  There is a growing group of collectors that want floater panels for smaller works so the entire panel should be preserved.  The floater panels show the edges, look larger, and sell faster.  The TRAVELITE wet panel carrier uses dust flaps and trays in a perfectly fitted box to prevent panel movement.  In most cases you can not tell that the panel was transported in a wet panel carrier.  Collectors deserve and expect the best so why not buy the TRAVELITE wet panel carrier and see for yourself.

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