Backpacking and plein air painting - It's not what you think

Back in college we carefully planned on what gear to take to keep our backpacking load light.  We drilled holes in toothbrushes or weighed each freeze dried meal to reduce weight.  I guess I took a little of that thought process with me through life.  On a recent snow painting trip I realized that my painting gear was about all I could handle as far as weight and bulkiness.  It's no wonder forty percent of plein air artist paint within 100 feet of their car.  So I asked, how can a day tripper carry all this painting gear plus their normal day trip gear such as clothes, food and water?  It is almost impossible... or at least it WAS almost impossible.  Now we can take everything we need to produce a quality painting and keep the size and weight equal to that of a paperback book.  That is what you get when you pack a TRAVELITE singe wet panel carrier in your backpack or purse.  Don't settle for 100 feet from the car.  Travel lite, hike farther, and capture every moment.

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